SMD Studio Panel LED light

Bi-color SMD Studio Panel LED light

◆ 1152pcs ultra bright long-life LEDs
◆ Surface mounted LED technology
◆ 70° wide beam angle with diffuser
◆ 3200K-5600K continuously adjustable
◆ 100W power, 2500Lux @ 1meter
◆ 10%-100% flick-free dimming
◆ Super high CRI Ra≥93, TLCI≥97
◆ DMX512 controlled color and dimmer
◆ LCD display color and dimmer value
◆ Power by V-mount battery or AC-DC adaptor
◆ 4-leaf metal barn doors
◆ Strong all-metal housing
◆ U-shape support and lighting tripod mount


1152pcs Surface Mounted LEDs

Area light, soft and glareless
S-2430C is a studio panel LED light, with surface mounted LED technology, includes 1152pcs ultra bright LEDs. The build-in diffuser generates an equally spread area light of 70° effective wide beam angle, which is an ideal light source for broadcast studio and field video productions.

Bi-color temperature

3200K-5600K continuously adjustable
S-2430C alternated with 5600K and 3200K LEDs, and the output color temperature can be continuously adjustable between 3200K and 5600K.
2500 Lux @ 1 meter

10-100% flick-free dimming
S-2430C outputs 100W power, feeds 2500Lux luminance at 1 meter distance (center), supports 10% to 100% PWM digital dimming, smoothly and non-flickering.
High Color Reveal Ability

CRI Ra≥93; TLCI≥97
CRI (Color Rendering Index) is a measure of the ability of a light source to reveal the colors of various objects faithfully in comparison with a natural light source. And TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) is specially for the color reveal ability by camera sensor. Max value 100.
The normal LED light has 80-85 CRI or TLCI, while S-2430C offers the super high CRI at 93 and TLCI at 97, and will not lose the object original colors.

DMX512 Control
Dimmer and Color temperature
S-2430C adopts standard 5-pin DMX in/out port, supports DMX512 protocol, and adjusts dimmer and color temperature by DMX controller.
The dimmer and color temperature occupy 1 DMX address respectively.

DC 12-17V Power Supply
By V-mount battery / AC-DC adaptor
S-2430C supports 12-17V 4-pin XLR DC input, and equipped with a battery plate to power by V-mount battery, or powered by AC-DC adaptor.
The AC-DC adaptor is supplied with a V-wedge, so that you can fix the adaptor onto V-mount plate of the light.

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