Fortinge Studio Prompter

Professional studio teleprompters for TV channels

The Studio Teleprompter will be the right choice for studios.
It is cost effective with ultra clear glass and ergonomic lightweight design.
It is easy to assembly and offers a userfriendly menu.
Most important is the “flip mirror” feature which is already embedded inside the hardware that provides the reverse view automatically.
This one also supports any camera size Mini DV to ENG/HD and all Studio System Cameras.


Kiralık Fortinge Studio Prompter Paket İçindekiler

1 Adet -Fortinge Studio Prompter

1 Adet - Secced 20P Tripod

1 Adet - Dell Bilgisayar

1 Adet - 10 Metre HDMI Koblo

Not: Promter Asistanla birlikte kullanıma verilmektedir

Fiyat Listesi

Kiralama Süresi Kiralama Toplam Fiyatı Günlük Karşılık Fiyatı
1 Gün 600 TL 600 TL
3 Gün 1450 TL 480 TL
5 Gün 2250 TL 450 TL
7 Gün 2950 TL 420 TL
14 Gün 5000TL 350 TL
21 Gün 6900 TL 330 TL
30 Gün 9000 TL 300 TL